Month: July 2017


  I was having dinner with one of my dearest friends today. We were discussing several things and the atmosphere was nice, until he mentioned something and the atmosphere became heavy… A while ago, I had a quarrel with that same friend and I stopped communicating with him for a while because I felt very

Go your own way…

I like watching Japanese animation. My favorite anime is One piece. I came a across this song while watching Detective Conan anime (ending 31) and I felt touched by the lyrics and wanted to share them Go your own way- by Yumi Shizukusa  I have already become used to being alone, for if there is a

I love me; I love me not!

  One day, a person dear to my heart told me “I don’t love you!”. I am sure everyone knows how bad it feels to be told you are not loved. Needless to say, I was hurt and felt depressed for a while. After that incident, as I was having a shower, those words started