Levels of Conciousness


One of the most enlightening and helpful books I read were written by Dr. David Hawkins (some of which mentioned in interesting reads). The most amazing finding he has in my opinion was the levels or map of consciousness


What I like about it most is how accurate the description of emotions attached to each level as well as how we view ourselves and God depending on the level we are in. Of course the view of God may be more related to those who believe in a higher entity. But probably non believer may be able to relate to the view as well, or they stop believing exactly because of that view. I personally can pinpoint many occasions in my life where I was in the lower levels of this map (negative energy), mostly where I saw God as Vengeful, Denying, Punitive, Disdainful, Condemning, Vindictive and Despising. The thing is that those feelings always come in groups of 2 or more if not all at once. It was a most tiring life to live indeed.

After reading several of Dr. Hawkins’s books, I started to understand and observe my consciousness and the feelings attached to the situations I go through. I was able to discern my state of mind and work to bring to a higher level of consciousness. Not always successful but at least continuously trying, I managed to reach the level of courage and sometimes to have trust in a higher entity which made me feel that achieving could be feasible because I viewed this higher entity as more permissive and and possibly is helping me out. The level of courage is the differentiating factor between negative and positive energy For two reasons:

1) At the level of courage we are willing to admit our responsibility of our own life and our choices. We know that we have the choice to accept or reject being in a negative energy field which brings suffering to our lives.

2) At the level of courage we are willing to take one step further to change our field and with it our lives. The more courage we have the more we will act on that needed change and take the rein of our lives.

After reaching the level of courage, in very few instances, I was able to transcend through hope, acceptance, meaningfulness, and in one or two rare occasions I was briefly in the field of love and serenity. The feelings at the latter levels were extraordinary. It was a feeling of utter trust and unfazed knowledge that I am absolutely loved and protected by the universe.

Unfortunately, the negative energies of my past and the present world do not offer solid ground to stay in a highly positive state. Hence, I fell again in one of life’s pitfalls and now I am struggling and yearning to get back to that state of peacefulness and trust. Hopefully in the process of getting back there I will learn how to stay there longer and eventually permanently. It is a constant challenge but we have to have the courage to accept it and face it to conquer it.


The leaping koala 🙂


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