How to attract your soul-mate…8 simple steps (2)

5. Don’t be your own limitation

 “I am too old!”, “I don’t look good”, “I have been single for too long!” “No one wants to date me!”, “There are no good men/women out there” or “Dating is just not for me!”. These are (and many others) are limiting words we consciously or subconsciously use, probably to lower our expectations and protect ourselves from being hurt. The only problem is that the negative energy of these words will cast a shadow on us and make us hard to see or invisible to anyone who would be happy to be with us.

The solution: Please, please, next time pay attention to what you say, and when you do catch yourself saying such negative words, stop and make it positive… “I am more mature and desirable”, “I look graceful”, “I will meet the person that is worthy of me”. You got the idea! And don’t forget to stand up tall and smile too 😉


6. It’s the Right Time. All the time.

Many people wait for “the right time” to live, find their soul mate, do activities or hobbies they like or just relax and enjoy life. If we keep postponing everything until ‘The right time”, we may never do what we wanted to do. Simply because we became accustomed to adding more issues in front of us that separate us from that “Right time” we are waiting for, hence, we will never be ready and will keep running after things to bring us closer to “the right time”. Little we know that the right time is now. It is this moment we are living (or not really living) that matters.

The solution: Start living now! Last time was the right time. This time is the right time. Next time is the right time. It is always the right time for us to live. Maybe we will not meet that soul mate immediately, but it is not up to us to decide what is the right time for us to meet them. Leave that to the Universe and live your right time right now.


7. Keeping tracks of who did what

Would you like to be with someone that will ask you to return every single gesture, favor, emotion or service? What would you think of that person? Would you feel that what they are offering is genuine? Can you trust them for life? The answers are “No please”, “the piece of shit doesn’t love me”, “Not at all”, “Hell No!”, respectively.
Then simply Don’t do it to someone else.

The Solution: If you love someone, then just love them without expecting anything back. The same goes if you want to offer them something nice. If they are good people, they will appreciate what you do and how you feel, but don’t expect a reward for it. You will get the love back automatically but maybe not in the way you want or expect. So let them have the freedom to express themselves to you they way they want.
A note of warning: giving without expecting a reward in return is different than being a doormat. Also, if your partner doesn’t appreciate you or takes advantages of you, then there is a fundamental problem that should be solved or you should leave. This person is not a good person, period!


8. Place your order to the Universe

Whether you are a believer in higher power or not, placing your order to the Universe will only serve your best interest. I told in the first step not to write a check list. Here I am telling you to write what you want with the greatest details you can manage to think of. This goes for your soul mate as well as your life, work, health etc. Have a notebook to write all that you want and address it to the universe. Write the date of your order and the date you would like to receive your order by. Also at the end of each detailed list of what you want add “I want all of this or even better”. The reason is that most of us always feel unworthy of great things and we tend to limit ourselves when we ask for things. Writing the phrase “or even better” allows the Universe to give you more than you asked for, especially if you asked for something in particular (i.e a particular job) that may not be good for you on the long run, then the Universe will arrange a better thing (i.e better job that pays more or have better perks) to be delivered for you. So, don’t fret if you don’t get some of the things you asked for at the time you asked for. Trust they will be delivered to you without fail.

Note: Personally, I have done this step and I was amazed (and almost spooked out) at how fast and exact sometimes I get what I asked for. Some of which end up not that great eventually because I didn’t add “or even better”. So, now when I place an order from the Universe I always add “or even better”

Hope this post was helpful to you. Good luck and let me know your success stories

Sincerely 😀

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