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________________________         What is required from the Client? Desire to change your current situation (Professionally or personally). Knowing the importance of investing on yourself and your future. Willingness to take active steps. Acceptance that any change requires involvement, time and patience.   What is required from the Coach? Confidentiality Objectivity and Openness

________________________         What is a Life Coach? Just like a Headlamp on top of your head or a flash light in your hand will light up your way in the darkness so you can find your footing and avoid falling, a life coach will help you figure out your way towards your

Hello Canada!

I am now in Calgary building my website/blog. Hurray! Through this blog I would like to connect and share with everyone the experiences and challenges I faced as a woman coming from Saudi Arabia who is now living in Canada. Anything I write here is my personal opinion. At times, I may quote from people