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Levels of Conciousness

  One of the most enlightening and helpful books I read were written by Dr. David Hawkins (some of which mentioned in interesting reads). The most amazing finding he has in my opinion was the levels or map of consciousness   What I like about it most is how accurate the description of emotions attached

The Reason…

  I love this song by Hoobastank. The words speak from and to my heart. I find it amazing to have a reason to make us decide to change to be better us. I find it amazing that no matter how hard we find life is, how hard people try to put us down, how


  I was having dinner with one of my dearest friends today. We were discussing several things and the atmosphere was nice, until he mentioned something and the atmosphere became heavy… A while ago, I had a quarrel with that same friend and I stopped communicating with him for a while because I felt very

I love me; I love me not!

  One day, a person dear to my heart told me “I don’t love you!”. I am sure everyone knows how bad it feels to be told you are not loved. Needless to say, I was hurt and felt depressed for a while. After that incident, as I was having a shower, those words started