Want to take a leap?

Hello there!

If you are reading this page, there is a chance that you are thinking (or intrigued by the idea) of taking a leap towards the better you. Sometimes, taking that leap alone is so scary which makes it almost impossible. Ideas like “How do I know that if I leap I will not fall and break my neck (metaphorically speaking)!”, “Where do I leap to?”, “How do I leap? Should I use a harness, a rope like Tarzan, wings (like the flying squirrel) or just jump and hope for the best?” or “How do I know I am making the right decision?”.  Very few people would take their leap with confidence without being helped, but that doesn’t mean others can’t. With the right type of help, support and guidance you can take a successful leap. The secret is that you have to want -add several lines under want- this change from the bottom of your heart and to commit yourself to it.

It may feel like a gamble to make big changes in one’s life without knowing how favorable the outcomes are but here I am.. A living example of taking chances to change. A terrified koala that decided to take a gamble and start leaping not knowing what is ahead of her. I still remember how it felt when I was all alone, despite being surrounded by many siblings. I had loneliness in my heart because I was never understood neither I was accepted. It felt that there was no way out of that place and no one would offer me any support, even God himself, I felt that he was biased towards my family and against me (that what I thought then). I was living like a walking dead. Actually the grave felt more rewarding and welcoming than life back then. Do you have similar feelings?

It is unfortunate to see that many people in this world are suffering from anxiety, anger, fear and self-deprecation. Many, despite appearing calm and confident, have little confidence in themselves and are just acting to hide their true feelings. Many are holding into their miserable lives thinking its God’s will, or merely afraid to take a step away from the life they know to something different even if it is better. They become like birds with broken wings, or even worse, birds who gave up on flying out of fear. I have been through many negative feelings (depression, anxiety, fear, anger, desperation, guilt, shame, self-loathing, you name it) but I am thankful and proud to say that I have been able to conquer most of them when I made up my mind to change my sad reality. I am not trying to make it sound easy, there will always be struggles to achieve the things we want as well as there will always be leftover negative feelings that we will constantly need to deal with. These leftovers are there because of the way we have been raised and the way societies are made us to think. But if we take them as reminders to keep pushing forward with more courage and determination to have more peace and happiness in our lives. At first, they may ebb and rise like waves in a stormy ocean, but they will calm down and eventually die as we become more peaceful within ourselves.

Soon I will obtained a life coaching certification to be able to help guide whomever requires my help with readiness and confidence. It is my wish that sharing my experiences, through this blog or through my coaching services, will have comforting and inspirational effect for those who feel not understood and lonely. Those who are unable to speak about their fears out loud. Those who are not sure what to do and how to do it and those who don’t have anyone to whom they can confide without being judged.

Let’s hold hands and take a leap to a bright future…


The leaping koala 🙂

Contact: Bravery@theleapingkoala.ca

P.S: Referrals are appreciated. Thank you in advance 🙂