What is a Life Coach?

Just like a Headlamp on top of your head or a flash light in your hand will light up your way in the darkness so you can find your footing and avoid falling, a life coach will help you figure out your way towards your future goal or out of your current challenges.

Every human, from time to time, could lose tracks in the midst of a busy life. During such times it becomes very challenging to step outside the chaos and look at things from a detached or impartial perspective. A life coach can help you repositioning yourself to cast another look at your situation from an outside perspective and objectively identify any obstacles that are blocking your future path.

A life coach is someone who you can trust to give you a non-judgmental feedback which is focused on enhancing your accomplishments and well being.


Benefits of Life Coaching:

There are many studies* which proved the benefits of coaching in both areas of life and work. Having the guidance of a life coach can help you

  1. Isolate and identify the hidden links to solve your personal and professional challenges.
  2. Increase your self-awareness by looking at yourself from an outside perspective.
  3. Develop effective learning capabilities by teaching you new and different tools to stimulate your cognitive growth
  4. Enhance your focus, resilience, well-being and goal accomplishment.
  5. Manage work-related stress and improve work/life balance.
  6. Improve your performance and productivity.
  7. Promote your success.

Advantages of working with a Life Coach:

When comparing Life Coaching with other services, such as consulting and therapy, life coaching offers the advantage of

  • Personalization: Catered to the client’s specific needs.
  • Involvement: The client’s approval of the coaching program is required. The coach never forces the client on anything
  • Convenience: Hours and locations of coaching are determined by both the coach and the client.
  • Independence: By learning the essential tools for solving challenges, the client will be able to use these tools in the future without the need of extra coaching.
  • Outcome oriented: Working with a life coach enhances the client’s ability to gain new and improved habits as well as learn new ways of identifying and approaching future challenges



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